Intervention holidays is a ABA intervention program that takes place during your child’s school break or during your own holiday. It makes possible for you to enjoy your holiday while your child is in therapy, to continue the suspended therapy on school break or to begin the ABA therapy and later initiate an intensive program.


Intervention holidays will mainly focus on Play and Communication skills.


Playing is an innate behavior in children and it has an important role on the social and cognitive skills development. Play allows the child to discover, develop creativity, learn about the reality and interact with their peers and family . Therefor, playing is fundamental to the development of every children.


Communication is one of the main issues in Autism, making part of its diagnosis. Communication is also a prerequisite to develop other skills and helps to reduce some undesired behaviors. Obtaining and developing verbal communication takes time . Although intervention holidays are limited in time, other forms of non-verbal communication can be learned or developed.




  • Duration: 4h to 8h per day, 2 weeks to 1 month

  • Location: EBI / JI Trafaria (Almada)

  • Age: from 18 months

  • Maximum capacity: 5 children


Intervention holidays include insurance, evaluation and program design. The intervention program is based on the assessment of the child's development needs (their skills and deficits), in relation to their age and includes 2 goals to be worked out that are chosen by the parents.


Intervention may be continued, meaning that we offer the conditions to periodically receive the child in Portugal and provide weekly or fortnightly monitoring by skype in between visits. An element of ABCReal’s clinical team may even move to the child’s country of origin, for a limited time, to facilitate his or her integration in a natural school environment.